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Saudi King nak beli Facebook $150 Billion !

Senpai Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wewwww sekali bile dgr saudi nye orang tertinggi nak beli Facebook $150 Billion !!?? WTF !! kate la aku slowpoke about this news .. sbb aku bz sket about other work..

Tapi aku ade dgr pasal ni kat web la .. die nak beli sebab facebook ni open pada segala bende yang sensitip yg boleh mengakibat suatu negara bergolak...

Petikan dari berita

"In what is being termed as pure Wall street Gordon Gecko tactics, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has decided to make an offer of $150 billion to buy out Facebook.

Inside sources within the kingdom suggest that he is very upset with Mark Zukerberg for allowing the revolt to get out of control.

In a personal meeting between Mark Zuckerberg and King Abdullah on Jan 25, 2011, Zuckerberg had promised that he would not allow any revolt pages to be formed on Facebook even while he allowed Egypt and Libya revolt pages to be formed.

Left with no option, Abdullah advised by Goldman Sachs has decided to buy out Facebook and “clean out the weeds”. The offer on the table is $150 billion.

Facebook balance sheet was shown to King Abdullah and his kingdom advisors had mentioned that it is not even worth $1 billion given that it generates no profit.

But the King threw the report into the dustbin and fired his advisors and decided to hand over the investment banking mandate to Goldman Sachs who put the value at $150 billion. "



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